Просто потому что это невыносимо и именно так

... decades of youth and centuries of silence (c)
"I tried to taste like I’m blind
But it’s still so hard to ignore those tears
And when I spread my arms there’s nothing I could feel

With all barriers in mind
It’s just like I’m caught in a cage of your fears
And the choices have passed, unused and out of reach again

I turn over the pages till they’re blank
But how could I assuage the fire in my head
I don’t want the answers to be bent
I never asked for reasons in the end

I try to lock your thoughts
Cause my head is aching, I feel abused
And as time went by I heard less and less from myself

The cold wind all around
Just becomes a storm, but I’m lying still
And I don’t really care what will remain of life and you and me" (c)

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2013-11-10 в 20:08 

Ежевичное вино
Красивая песня!

2013-11-10 в 20:13 

... decades of youth and centuries of silence (c)

Flowers for the exile