... decades of youth and centuries of silence (c)
"Your coworker or client is mad at you, and yelling at you. This is highly stressful. Until you realize that they are probably yelling for some problem that’s not really about you — they are stressed out, they are having a bad day, they have problems dealing with stress. And you are holding onto the expectation that everyone around you should behave perfectly, which of course is an absurd fantasy. You let go of that, and reach out in your heart to this fellow human being who isn’t happy. How can you make things better for this person, with an open heart?

Your son is stressing you out because he’s not doing what he should be doing. You’re mad! Why can’t he just do what you ask? Of course, this is a fantasy. Your kids (or friends, or spouse) are not going to live up to these expectations you have of how they should behave — these expectations aren’t anything real, just fantasies. You can’t control their behavior — wanting to do so just stresses you out. So let go of that expectation and the desire to control, and the stress goes away. Instead, open your heart, and be open to who they are.

OK, so that’s all easier said than done. In the real world, it takes a lot of practice. We often forget about this process when things hit the fan. That’s OK. Life is a constant practice. Keep practicing, and let go of wanting to be perfect at it. Just in the attempt, you’re already perfect."
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Да-да, easier said than done, когда на тебя орут изо всех сил просто потому, что у кого-то проблемы с нервами и потому что я существую и имею свое мнение на все.
Ну а что мне делать, я просто должна была вырасти архиспокойным человеком в такой обстановке. Let go.
Не надо на меня орать, это худший способ взаимодействия со мной в принципе. И главное - совершенно бесполезный.
Я тоже умею посылать в ответ, просто я жалею об этом чаще, чем другие.

Keep calm and... whatever. Listen to Diary of Dreams, for example.

@темы: полопались катодные трубки, дьявольские злые песни, i`m mad, you`re mad, we`re all mad here

2013-03-11 в 09:01 

{Здесь не моя планета, но ты с моей планеты}
Опять с мамой проблемы, да? Родители порой такие родители :facepalm3:

2013-03-11 в 09:15 

... decades of youth and centuries of silence (c)
.Katamy, чего ж поделать :cold:

2013-03-11 в 09:22 

{Здесь не моя планета, но ты с моей планеты}
2013-03-12 в 04:18 

Искать смысл жизни в других склонны те, кто не способен достучаться до своего сердца.
Well, IMHO everyone has got his own problems, and the most important thing is that every individual thinks that his problems are the most significant, at any order. Probably it is because some people cant accept their selfishness. I guess, most of our problems are not that significant at all, and as long as we understand this, we can hear others.

Secondly, im pretty pleased to hear the statement of "you’re already perfect". That's the idea I have come up on my own. Certainly, I have got it in a way different scope. U're perfect on the moment you are. For instance, beauty cant be more beautiful. The idea Im willing to come up with, is that you are already the perfect kind, the only thing that matters: Can you achieve more, using all your potential given?
Certainly, I cant know what is happening in your family. Therefore, im just sorry 4u.

2013-03-12 в 10:46 

... decades of youth and centuries of silence (c)
U're perfect on the moment you are.

Exactly ^_^ Maybe only the books about buddhism I`ve read help me to understand this as well. You`re absolutely right about all this))

Nothing serious, just a misunderstnding as usual, I hope x) My mom is a very nervous person.

2013-03-12 в 16:26 

Чем больше я изучать, тем я меньше много
когда на тебя орут изо всех сил просто потому, что у кого-то проблемы с нервами
>.< :pity: как я тебя в этом понимаю. Буддизм буддизмом, но гадкий осадок потом все равно остается


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